Overview of webdesign and marketing services

  • Webdesign


  • Webdesign is your first sign of quality

    The Internet is a well-priced opportunity to introduce your products or services.

    But what happens if the web design is not consistent? The visitor unconsciously deduces a bad service or product from the bad design. A product with bad packaging sells just badly.

    I offer professional web design with good user navigation (usability) so that your visitors and potential customers are inspired by your website.
  • Search enginge marketing (SEM) for more visitors

    How would it affect your business if you had more visitors on your website? With a well-designed site and a convincing product, the answer is quite simple:

    More visitors = more customers.

    With search engine marketing (SEM), that includes search engine optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA), I get this for you.
  • SEM


  • Marketing


  • Online Marketing & Web-Analysis

    In addition to the search engine marketing (see above) there is much more to a successful online marketing:

    The proper use of social media, analysis and evaluation of visitor flows, use of psychological aspects, testing the best-selling page layout (split testing), copywriting, use of videos for your website and on video sharing sites ...
  • Consulting & Lore

    Do you need help with your online marketing and want to outsource the tasks?

    I am happy to advise and accompany the process. I also offer training for your employees.

    You may also be interested in my free webinars that take place once in a while.
  • Lore